Oilseeds and Oils Monthly outlook O&O

Oilseeds and Oils Monthly Outlook provides top-quality information for the previous month about the Black Sea market of oilseeds and oils and covers not only Ukrainian and Russian, but also Bulgarian markets.


Oilseeds and Oils Monthly Outlookcontains:

  • TOP market news (World, Russia, Ukraine and the CIS)

  • World and CIS sunflower and by-products comparative monthly prices

  •  Port shipments of agricultural commodities in Ukraine, Russia and Egypt

  •  Analysis of APK-Inform (crop balances, forecasts)

  •  Statistics – Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan

          Maps and Infographics in  every issue!


Free bonuses for the subscribers of Oilseeds and Oils Monthly outlook to include:

  • Discounts for subscription for other magazines and for advertising;

  • Discounts for participation in International Conferences held by APK-Inform (Oilseeds and Oils Industry);

  • Free consulting on issues of the agro-industrial complex of Russia and Ukraine;

The following prices are for Oilseeds and Oils Monthly outlook are offered:

3 to 5 month subscription 85 USD per month,
6 to 11 month subscription 80 USD per month,
12 months and more

70 USD per month





For more info please contact:
+380 562 320795, (multichannel) (ext.112)
[email protected]