Turkey not imposed the restrictions against Russian wheat imports - Ministry of Economic Development


Turkey did not impose the restrictions on the receipt of import licenses for Russian wheat, declared the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Alexey Gruzdev on May 30.

According to him, Turkish partners did not confirm the information and even published an official denial that they did not impose any restrictions on the supplies of Russian products.

He said that the reporting rumors defy the spirit of the joint statement by the Heads of two countries, which focuses on cancellation of all existing trade limitations.

A.Gruzdev said that there were single cases, which were immediately reported to the Turkish Ministry of Economy. The Russian officials fixed two cases when the Turkish customs declined the application for a license, and established that 25% of the reported imports were allowed. The Turkish partners reported that there were some technical troubles, taking into account that the cases were already settled, added A.Gruzdev.

As of May 29, all market participants who faced difficulties in the previous period, confirmed that they did not have problems at all.