In 2018, Kazakhstan exported the maximum volumes of oilseeds


In 2018, the exports of oilseed crops from Kazakhstan increased to the maximum level — 936.4 thsd tonnes, up 23% compared with the previous year volumes, reported the Customs Control Committee at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition to the general figures, in the reporting year Kazakhstan reached the historical peaks of shipments for almost all major oilseeds. Thus, in 2018 the exports of sunflower seed increased to 323.4 thsd tonnes, against 300.8 thsd tonnes in the previous year. The shipments of flaxseed increased to 428.5 thsd tonnes (up 38%), and mustard seed — to 15.1 thsd tonnes (up 71%).

The exports of rapeseed did not break its previous records, but still increased by18% compared with the previous year, and totaled 111.4 thsd tonnes.