In 2018, Ukraine decreased grain processing volumes — State Statistics Service


In 2018, Ukrainian enterprises processed nearly 4.9 mln tonnes of grain crops, a decrease of 4.3% compared with 2017 figures, reported the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

In particular, in the reporting period the processing volumes of grains for flour decreased by 16.5% — to 1.8 mln tonnes, but processing for groats increased by 8.6% — to 202.4 thsd tonnes, and animal feed — up 13.2%, to 1.8 mln tonnes.

It should be noted that enterprises of Vinnytsia oblast processed the major volumes of grains — 724.9 thsd tonnes (up 5.4% compared with the figures in 2017), as well as Dnipropetrovsk oblast — 650.7 thsd tonnes (down 10.6%), and Kyiv oblast — 560.1 thsd tonnes (up 13.3%).