In 2019, Kyrgyzstan to decrease the planted areas under wheat — Ministry of Agriculture


In 2019, Kyrgyzstan will plant wheat throughout the areas of 241.5 thsd ha, a decrease of 12.3 thsd ha compared with last year, reported the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Melioration of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Also, agrarians will reduce the planted areas under oilseeds to 27.9 thsd ha (down 2 thsd ha), and sugar beet — 15.3 thsd ha (down 1 thsd ha). At the same time, the areas under barley will increase to 199 thsd ha (up 5.9 thsd ha), corn for grain — 105.8 thsd ha (up 0.7 thsd ha), pulses — 64.2 thsd ha (up 2.6 thsd ha), and forage crops — 382.3 thsd ha (up 12.2 thsd ha).

Generally, the planted areas under agricultural crops for the harvest-2019 will reach 1.22 mln ha, up 4.5 thsd ha compared with 2018.