We create our own reality, because imitation of the models does not work — UKRAVIT



To date, the competition on the Ukrainian market of pesticides and agrochemicals is rather fierce. At the same time, not many producers and suppliers are ready to offer not only effective products and technological solutions, but also the full cycle support system. UKRAVIT company has already proved itself not only as the producer of the quality goods, but also as a reliable supplier having significantly increased the trade volumes this year. This tendency was largely stipulated by the correctly chosen marketing strategy, which was the main topic of our interview with Anatoliy Kalantaryan.


The 2018 was a milestone for UKRAVIT company. Has the sales strategy and the product promotion changed this year? What is the secret of such success?

This year was definitely a milestone for our company: we have launched the Institute of the plants health — the first private and the most modern R&D institute in Ukraine. Also, we have fully met the sales plan and launched the new products on the market.

The strategy of the company changed with accordance to the correction of the positioning. Today UKRAVIT has become the first and the only Ukrainian R&D producer with the full cycle support system for clients. We are not the food company — we are the developer of the comprehensive agrarian solutions and services. So, this fact made its adjustments to the sales activity.

The secret is quite simple: we create our own reality because imitation of the models does not work.


Anatoliy, UKRAVIT as the domestic producer, strengthens its position on the market, and is the socially active company. Please, tell us about the projects aimed at formation of the new scientific elite in Ukraine.

The investments to the science are not very popular among the Ukrainian businessmen, especially today based on the difficult economic reality. But UKRAVIT and in particular our leader Vitaliy Ilchenko thinks and sees the development of Ukraine for years to come. We put the foundation for future, which will definitely be successful for both the agricultural sector and the country in general.

Today we take the experience and the methods of work of the leading global science centers, repatriate the Ukrainian scientists back to Ukraine and give the young Ukrainian scientists the possibility to start out together with the global scientists with the most modern equipment. We created some sort of “silicon valley” but in terms of science in Ukraine. Despite the process to be long, it is worth it.


For now, all the companies are accomplishing formation of the budgets and their marketing activities for 2019. Tell us please, how do You plan to surprise Ukrainian agrarians?

We will not surprise, but our main task is to give more possibilities for the development and growth of our clients. And if it would be old but profitable solutions, so let them be. The main task is the productive collaboration with our clients and partners. We want to be comfortable and effective for them.


The high level of trust to the product of Your company is the result of hard work. How did You manage to create the correct cooperation with agrarians?

This are comprehensive efforts of our scientists, agronomists, and all of the key departments of the company. There is no ideal product. But thanks to our large experience first of all, and the work of our scientists and agronomists we can confidently work on development of the quality of our products.

In 2019, we are launching 10 new products that are uniquely designed, have the special formulas and passed the 2-3 year-long tests in different climatic conditions. This gives us the possibility to look at the development of our positions on the market especially since the comprehensive approach, which apart from the effective products is expected to provide the clients with agribiological service by our R&D institute, give the clients more abilities. We provide the understanding of the process of protection and cultivation of crops, supervise the clients 24/7 and share the responsibility for the results. Thus, the collaboration with our company it is not only profitable but also comfortable.


What training activities and loyalty programs would be offered by the company to agricultural producers in 2019?

There will be not much of them. But the programs that we have, will be definitely important and requested for our clients. We are lunching the comprehensive loyalty program “Successful agribusinessman club”, we are launching the seeds business line and the packaged offer that will contain the new financial and insurance measure, etc. In general, wait for goods news.


In conclusion, I would like to ask You, what does it mean for You to work for UKRAVIT, what goals and objectives do You set?

For me the work in the company UKRAVIT is a great responsibility and a great challenge. The responsibility lies in the fact that the company sets a global goal — develop the agricultural market of Ukraine. And this is not easy to be the first and to tart something new going through many tough calls. And the challenges are the huge and difficult competition. It is very hard to compete with the companies that have 100 years of history, unlimited financial and scientific capital and years of successful work experience in Ukraine. Nevertheless, we have proven that we can do it. And the success gives us a huge spur for stronger performance. Thus, all of the most vivid and substantial gains of our company are in the future.


Interviewed by Alexandrina Ovdienko, APK-Inform Agency