Ukraine: export prices for barley and 2-grade wheat almost matched


In December 2018, the prices on the Ukrainian export market (both CPT-port and FOB) of feed barley and milling wheat with 12.5% protein content almost matched. The current situation developed, due to decreasing of prices for barley, in terms of rather low trading and purchasing activities.

At the same time, the growth of prices on the global market and the domestic market situation supported the prices of milling wheat. The growth of prices for the Russian grain supported the reporting bullish trend, as well as the tender held by Egypt, where for the first time in a long period the General Authority For Supply Commodities (GASC) purchased 60 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian wheat from the operator LDC at the price of 246.4 USD/t FOB (the freight cost totaled 17.3 USD/t).

As a result, in December 2018 the average bid prices of feed barley and 2-grade milling wheat varied at the level of 7050 UAH/t CPT-port. In turn, the offer prices on FOB basis often reached 237-238 USD/t FOB with delivery in January.

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